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A short book about choosing if and when to have sex.

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true or false book


A short book about sex, honesty and making decisions.

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Welcome to the Be Books website. This is the place for you if you’re aged between 13 and 15, and you’re looking for information about sex and relationships . If you live in Glasgow and Clyde or Lanarkshire, you can also find out information about your local services.

This website can sign post you to local services and explain some of those words you may not know the meaning of. There is also a quiz and a frequently asked questions section.

Sexual health is not just about biology. It's also about the sometimes confusing experience of growing up and learning about stuff that your friends may boast or lie about, or stuff that you find hard to ask.

We hope you think this site is fun and helpful. Everybody is different and needs different information at different times of their lives. So, if it’s not that useful to you just now, come back later - or when there's something on your mind.